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The Fischer Panda range of vehicle generators provide a professional solution for today's on board power requirements.

Stage V emmission approved generators are available with conventional fixed speed AC output, more efficient variable speed AC output or DC battery charging outputs or DC generators known as the AGT range.

Supplied in super-silent capsules, they are extremely quiet and very compact. The output voltage is electronically controlled making the sets ideal for all applications. Total water cooling of both the engine and the alternator make the set suitable for all applications no matter what the ambient temperature.

Heat is dissipated by the use of a radiator cooling system, these can be either part of the generator or remotely mounted, all systems are fitted with thermostatically controlled electric fans. For more details on the radiator options please see our radiator page.

For applications based within the European Union (EU) and need to comply with EU2016/1628 (Stage V) Exhaust Emissions please look for the below symbol on each generator for required certification.

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Complete Overview

Fischer Panda vehicle generators are available in five main build versions and these are shown below
generator configurator pvmv-n

PVMV-N Version

Our most popular option across the Vehicle range. The generator is suitable for internal mounting and requires a Fischer Panda remote mounted external radiator. The exhaust is water jacket cooled and additionally silenced.

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generator configurator pvm-ne

PVM-NE Version

Similar set to the PVMV-N version but exhaust silencers are externally mounted and are not water cooled. Due to the heat created by the exhaust the set must be installed in a well ventilated area. This generator is not suitable for external mounting.

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generator configurator pvk-u

PVK-U Version

Designed to be mounted externally, generally ''hung'' under the vehicle chassis. Capsule constructed of steel with a heavy duty one piece cover for easy access. The water cooled exhaust silencer is mounted inside the insulated capsule. The set requires a Fischer Panda external radiator system.

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generator configurator pvk-uk

PVK-UK Version

Similar to the PVK-U version but with the radiator cooling system built on the end of the sound insulation capsule making the set easy to install if sufficient spaces is available. 

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generator configurator psc

PSC Version

A fully self contained set with integrated cooling system, fuel tank and electrical cabinet. Versions available with vertical or horizontal mounted radiator systems.

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Fischer Panda Radiator

Vehicle Radiators

Roof mounted or side/underslung mounted external radiators ensures optimum cooling performance 

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