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Hybrid Systems

Take the first step to reduce your carbon footprint

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Powering modern day appliances and amenities even when generators or engines are not running is an ever-growing demand for mobile comfort. Alongside this is the focus for greener and more efficient means of reducing emissions and carbon footprint whilst storing energy safely and reliably to be used on-demand. Fischer Panda UK have the expertise and innovative product range to explore future technologies with you.

We have scanned the market for you to combine the best available power generation & energy storage with sophisticated control system solutions. The systems are designed for the generation and use of electrical power in areas where a traditional grid connection is not available or can't be permanently relied on. Whether it is on a boat, a vehicle, commercial or residential site, we're able to offer compact and reliable system solutions to “future proof”  the transition to Zero emission onboard power requirements in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Fischer Panda's complete generator range have approval to run on HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) complying with EU standard EN15940. Further detail available here


We focus on systems with or without a generator.

Example case study video below of a recent innovative hybrid system project with SKY news



Hybrid System

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Hybrid System

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Hybrid power brings you the ability to reduce emissions and drive up efficiency. With many of our systems we often combine two or more energy sources for producing power: traditional power generation, such as a diesel generator, alongside renewable power sources, including solar and/or wind. This combined approach ensures a reduction in carbon emissions with cost effective power. The energy storage capacity combined with precise control allows our systems to deliver silent power when needed, essential in many applications.

Use of the latest battery technology such as Li-Ion means our hybrid power solutions offer exceptional storage capabilities, allowing the most efficient use of the power generated with a compact footprint.  Even our integrated generators are variable speed so only the power required is produced. The generator capacity is also reduced as it can be sized to the average load rather than the peak load. Its a well-known fact that generators have traditionally been oversized to cope with the peak demands of the system, this no longer applies with the hybrid system as the inverter carries the short term peak load along side the generator. 

See below some project examples of our recent hybrid projects...

Sky Ranger

SKY Ranger Hybrid

Newsgathering Vehicle 


Sacred barge (2)


 Widebeam Diesel Electric Propulsion


20200918 131444

Spotless Mobile

 Electric Van (EV)

Hybrid System


Hunky Dory 2

Hunky Dory

 Narrowboat Diesel Electric Propulsion





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