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Water-based electromobility is moving at a frantic pace with the development of electric motors as the push for sustainability grows. Fischer Panda UK have been working with electric propulsion systems for over 20 years, but in recent times awareness has grown as the focus for reducing emissions increases. 

Fischer Panda offer a vast range of electric propulsion solutions, designed to replace or provide alternatives to diesel engines in boats ranging from small launches & day boats to commercial craft. 

Our range of motors covers inboards, outboards, pod motors and hybrid drive systems that can be fitted to new vessels and as a retrofit package.

Explore our range below of quiet, clean, high-performing and reliable electric propulsion motors from

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Fischer Panda Electric Motors

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Next generation high torque performing water-cooled motors from 3.5-20kW @ 48v and up to 100kW at high voltage. Robustly designed for high demanding professional applications

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See below some project examples of our recent Electric Propulsion hybrid projects...

Sacred barge (2)


 Widebeam Diesel Electric Propulsion


Hunky Dory 2

Hunky Dory

 Narrowboat Diesel Electric Propulsion



'Lorna Jane'

 UK's 1st Electric Fishing vessel


Bespoke Hybrid Solutions

We offer system design, specification and installation services combining multiple product groups. If you're focusing on future technologies with the aim of reducing your carbon footprint, extending silent run time, increasing efficiency and achieving greater Independence,  our power, monitoring and control systems are perfectly suited.

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