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Super-silent sound insulation system

The most significant advantage of all Fischer Panda generators is the low sound level. Many parts required to work together to achieve this result. A flow of cooling air is not required inside the capsule, this also helps maintain constant ambient temperatures. 

Fischer Panda Radiator Fischer Panda Radiator Fischer Panda Radiator modular radiator Radiator titel view Fischer Panda Radiator Fischer Panda Radiator Fischer Panda Radiator

Water-cooled Exhaust Silencer

PVMV-N, PVK-U and PVK-UK generators (up to 25kw) are fitted with an internal water-cooled exhaust silencer.

  • Less space required for installation
  • Water-cooled Ac winding
  • Can be installed in tight spaces


  • Hermetically sealed capsule
  • All connections pre-fitted on capsule
  • Modular design ensured installation flexibility


  • No appreciable warming of the installation area
  • Super-silent sound insulation system
  • Water-cooled silencer (up to 25kW)
  • No cooling air circulating within capsule


Vehicle Installation: Roof-mounted radiator

The radiator must be installed where good access for fresh air circulation is guaranteed. The best location is horizontally on the rood of the vehicle. The radiator has an integrated expansion tank.


Vehicle Installation: Chassis-mounted

When sufficient clearance is available, the radiator may be mounted under the chassis. The air must be able to circulate correctly so warm air does not flow back over the radiator.

RV horiz

Vehicle Installation: Side-mounted radiator

A radiator can be fitted to the vehicle's side when there is no space on the roof.

RV vert

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