Vehicle Rooftop Air Conditioning

In extreme temperatures, the use of independent roof mounted air conditioners is essential for vehicles in a variety of industries. To combat some of the most demanding conditions rooftop air conditioning is used by ambulances, fire engines, broadcasting, motorhomes and much more.

Why choose a rooftop option:

  • Speed of installation
  • Perfect for retro fit when adapting vehicles
  • Range of temperature control
  • Retaining space inside the vehicles
  • Covering AC-230v & DC-12/24/48v input voltages

Keeping you cool on the move

AutoClima air conditioning provides an ideal method for transporting temperature-sensitive goods. Whether that’s with vehicle refrigeration in pharma and food or climate control for livestock and veterinary industries. In most instances, a particular temperature threshold is regulated to heat or cool a haulage space. This will often depend on factors such as ambient conditions, but our team will work with you to specify and install exactly what you need.

Talk to our experts about your requirements

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Air conditioning for static vans

Air conditioning for static vehicles

There are also scenarios where parked vehicles require rooftop temperature control. Common uses of this include camera crews who are using highly sensitive and expensive equipment in confined spaces. Also, within the leisure environment air conditioning solutions are widely used for luxury recreational vehicles.

Talk to our experts about your requirements

The benefits of choosing a rooftop air conditioning unit over an integrated solution is the speed of installation and cost advantages. Roof mounted is also perfect for retro fit when adapting vehicles, or to replace an existing rooftop option that doesn’t offer the range of temperature control required. They are also great for retaining space inside the vehicles as it is mostly externally located.

With over 50 years of air conditioning expertise in the vehicle sector, AutoClima's rooftop range offers market leading performance, reliability and compact design.

Covering AC-230v & DC-12/24/48v input voltages



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Standard web DTU

Autoclima's rooftop air conditioners offer market leading compact and rugged design, leaving space on the roof for solar panels, a satellite dish or even a second unit if you require separate cooling & heating zones.  Low level starting current ensures a smooth operation so the onboard power system will run comfortably. 

RTE (cooling only) / RTEH (heating & cooling).
Power supply 230v AC 50Hz. 

RTE 17 - 1.6kW cooling / RTEH 17 1.6kW cooling + 2.1kW heating

RTE 21 - 2.1kW cooling / RTEH 21 2.1kW cooling + 2.7kW heating

RTE 27 - 2.7kW cooling / RTEH 27 2.7kW cooling + 2.9kW heating

Modula RT Slim (cooling only) / RTH (heating & cooling).
Power supply 12v or 24 DC.

Modula RT Slim 3.0kW cooling / Modular RTH 3.0kW cooling + 0.95kW heating


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Installation Gallery

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