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Electric Drive Systems

Whisperprop - The next Generation

Fischer Panda has succeeded in bringing the advantages and possibilities of the diesel electric drive from large ships to smaller commercial and recreational vessels.

The new Whisperprop Drive Systems are designed for boat owners wanting to experience electric cruising. Fully 100% battery, parallel hybrid and generator supported systems are available whether you just want to cruise, support your ship's diesel or power a complete electrical system.

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See below a 'Hybrid Parallel Drive' application
  • Length 24m
  • Weight 70tonnes
  • Main engine 130kW with a speed of 13km/h
  • Whisperprop HPD electric motor, 10kW 600rpm with a speed of 7km/h
  • Propeller: 5 blades michigan right 29''. from 600 rpm to 350 rpm
  • Battery bank of 500Ah
  • Generator 13kW
  • Fischer Panda Easybox

12 Good Reasons

Enjoyment - 1)Silent Drive, 2)Plentiful Electrical Power, 3)Better Manoeuvrability

Future - 4)Tomorrow's Technology Today, 5)New Design Possibilities, 6)24-Hour Professional Support

Environmentally Friendly - 7)Extremely Low Cruising Costs, 8)Up to 100% Emission Free, 9)Efficient Motor (efficiency up to 96%)

Intelligent - 10)Everything from One Source, 11)HDS Software for Windows PC, 12)Hybrid Drive System App

Panda drive systems are available with 48V or 288V depending on the power requirements

48V "Easybox" System

100% electric -Easybox System up to 2 x 20 kW

288V System : HDS System with "C3 Cockpit"

Complete Hybrid Drive System up to 2 x 50 kW 

Both options are currently available in three build variants ;


Aziprop Motor

The AZIPROP versions are underwater podded propellers which require no additional cooling. They can be fitted to an exisiting rudder or steering system. The Aziprop motor features a 3-stage sealing ring which provides a high degree of security and the minimum of maintenance. Fischer Panda offers various mountings to suit various hull forms.

csm whisperprop aziprop podded motored from fischer panda 3e7bc30d23
Type Speed Performance kW Torque Weight
A06-140-6-AZ 1250 rpm / 2500 rpm 3,8 kW / 7,5 kW 28 Nm request
B00-150-8-AZ 600 rpm 10 kW 160 Nm 76 kg
B00-150-8-AZ 1200 rpm 20 kW 160 Nm 76 kg
B00-300-8-AZ 600 rpm 20 kW 320 Nm 120 kg


Shaft Motor

The DE-SHAFT shaft versions are designed to be mounted within the vessel. They feature a double-walled aluminium housing which is water-cooled with integrated thrust bearing.

csm P1500470 68c080ce4c
Type Speed Performance kW Torque Weight
A06-140-6-SH 1250 rpm / 2500 rpm 3,8 kW / 7,5 kW 28 Nm request
B00-150-8-SH 10 kW 600 rpm 10 kW 160 Nm 58 kg
B00-150-8-SH 20 kW 1200 rpm 20 kW 160 Nm 58 kg
B00-300-8-SH 20 kW 600 rpm 20 kW 320 Nm 96 kg



Fischer Panda offers the electric motors as parallel hybrid versions. These are suited for operation as auxiliary drives, Electromagnetic coupling is available. They are easy to install, economical and very quiet. They can often be operated on protected waters where the operation of a combustion engine is prohibited. Sailing yachts with a fixed propeller can let the propeller rotate (drag) to recharge the batteries.

csm whisperprop parallel hybrid drive from fischer panda 115d1bf688
Type Speed Performance kW Torque Weight
B00-150-8-SH Parallel-Hybrid 600 rpm 10 kW 160 Nm 71 kg
B00-150-8-SH Parallel-Hybrid 1200 rpm 20 kW 160 Nm 71 kg
B00-300-8-SH Parallel-Hybrid 600 rpm 20 kW 160 Nm 103 kg




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