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Hybrid Drive System 288V

The 288 V Hybrid Drive System is suited for large and complex systems for drives up to 100 kW (2 x 50 kW). The C3 touchscreen panel provides a central point for complete system monitoring and control. Various modules are available allowing the vessel’s components and electrical consumers to be integrated into the system as required.

  • 100 % electric
  • up to 100 kW
  • plus Generator

The basic system provides quiet cruising using the battery. It can be expanded to integrate a Fischer Panda Motion DC Generator if extended cruising or battery charging without shore power is required. The system has a fully integrated 3.5 kW shore power connection and 2 x 3.5 kW for the on-board domestic electrical consumers. The system can be increased if more power is required.

  • Complete System with centralised control
  • C3 touch panel with bus system
  • Power for on-board electrical consumers
  • Integrated shore power with battery charging


Battery only installations

Perfect for cruising on waters where combustion engines are banned.

288V HDS Drive System: Single drive or dual drive systems

  • 1 x 30 kW / 1 x 50 kW or 2 x 30 kW / 2 x 50 kW
  • DE-Shaft or AZIPROP podded drive
  • 1 x 288 V Battery Bank


Extremely quiet battery operation

Generator support for extended cruising

Upgrade the 288V Hybrid Drive System with one or more Fischer Panda Motion generators. This provides for extended cruising at high speed and powerful battery charging capabilities without shore power.

  • Generators for charging / continuous cruising.
  • One generator can charge the batteries to power both drives
  • Safety through redundancy (backup)



For more detailed information please contact us or view our production factories electric drive site : www.whisperprop.de/en




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