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Fischer Panda UK is reporting positive results after completing the first ever customer installation and onboard test of its new low-energy H20 ECO watermaker – the market’s most power-efficient reverse osmosis water desalination system.

The first unit sold by Fischer Panda UK has been fitted on a 50ft sailing yacht in Dorset, UK, for owners requiring a low-power, high output DC automated watermaker for reliable potable water production when cruising anywhere in the world.

Following installation and commission of the Parker Hannifin 12V 400 GPD H2O ECO model by Fischer Panda UK, the first operational tests produced approximately 18 gallons per hour at 240 Watts.

Incorporating patent pending energy recovery technology, the H2O ECO provides up to 14.2% more power efficiency compared to other leading watermaker brands, drawing just 1 Amp for approximately 3 litres of water production.

System integrators Fischer Panda UK predict the watermaker series will quickly become the market leader, with power conscious OEMs and sailboat owners increasingly selective about specifying onboard equipment to limit energy use.

Chris Fower, Sales and Marketing Director, Fischer Panda UK, said: “We are delighted to install the first of these game-changing watermakers. Designed by the experts at Parker, a huge corporation that produces high-quality reverse osmosis systems for a range of applications, the H20 ECO will fast become a market leader for low energy DC automated systems. We are confident that this efficient model will enable many more of our customers to install a unit onboard, when previously it would not have been possible due to limited power options.

“Initial results of the high output of water production and smooth operation reported by the sailing yacht owners are extremely positive. They have commented on the low power consumption, which enables them to manage the running of the watermaker so that it doesn’t drain the batteries. The unit will enable them to cruise widely without the worry of running out of potable water.”

The 57kg H2O ECO, measuring 283mm (h) x 487mm (l) x 627mm (w), was installed on the Jeanneau 509 yacht in Portland Marina in the chart station seat locker. A remote switch was fitted nearby for easy one-touch operation, with daily access to the unit unnecessary.

Owner Chris Stanham said: “We were looking for a compact, reliable watermaker, capable of producing potable water from any ocean around the world. The H20 ECO was recommended by Fischer Panda UK, who we have previously used for other onboard systems, and is the perfect solution for us, due to the power saving, small footprint, automatic operation and easy maintenance. We do not even miss the space it has taken up as it fits perfectly in a cabin seat storage area.

“After testing the unit, we were impressed by the quiet and smooth running. It is also evident that it draws very little power while running. The reduced power consumption means we fully anticipate keeping our water tank topped up while cruising, using green energy produced by our solar panels, wind-charger and hydro generator, without the need to run the engine or generator for long periods.”

The H2O ECO is engineered for small to mid-size sail boats and catamarans that have limited power options, providing reliable production of 400 or 600 gallons per day (GPD) of safe water for drinking and cooking.

It is specifically designed for leisure marine applications and works with AC or DC power, ensuring the watermaker is ideal for boat owners who do not have a generator onboard.

Both the H2O ECO models have leading levels of low power consumption. The 12V/24V 400 GPD unit produces 17 gallons / 63 litres per hour (LPH) of potable water at 240 Watts, while, for boaters requiring higher capacity, the 600 GPD version produces 25 gallons / 95 litres per hour at 437 Watts.

View the video of the installation on YouTube here.




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