The new H2O ECO uses patent pending energy recovery technology that can provide up to 14.2% more power efficiency compared to the leading energy conscious watermaker brand. The H20 ECO can efficiently produce potable water from any ocean around the world. The unit is extremely quiet, compact, and purposefully built for leisure marine applications, and will serve as the perfect seaworthy companion for anyone seeking a low power consumption, high production watermaker. With the fully automated operation, boat owners can install the watermaker into tight spaces because daily access to the unit is not necessary.

Quick Benefits

  • Energy recovery system = low energy consumption
  • DC & AC voltage options available
  • Extremely quiet, smooth and with complete vibration isolation
  • Fully automated operation
  • Fits into small and tight spaces, saving on valuable space
  • Simple Installation
  • Small, Compact and Lightweight watermaker





Model Number Per 24 Hours - Gal / Lit Per Hour - Gal / Lit Weight
H2O Eco 400 400 / 1,514 16 / 63 120 lbs / 54 kg
H2O Eco 600 600 / 2,270 25 / 95 125 lbs / 57 kg


Electrical Voltage Hz Running Amps Start Up Amps
H2O Eco 400 12 / 24 N/A 20 / 10  
H2O Eco 600 12 / 24 N/A 36 / 18  
AC Option also available        




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