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Commercial Systems

Sea Recovery & Village Marine Systems are designed to accommodate industry demands.

Our high capacity water systems are built to be safe, easy to operate and maintain providing you with a reliable resource of fresh water production in the most extreme conditions. We provide many standard and custom engineered solutions to suit a variety of commercial needs.

Some clients who have our systems installed include the likes of Pioneer Drilling, ExonMobil, ProSafe, Hercules Offshore, Maersk and many more...

Fischer Panda holds an extensive stock base of routine spares & consumables for past and present systems. If you require spare parts with a quick and efficient lead time please contact us.

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See below our range of standard systems.


The LTM Series

Production: 1,896 - 6,816 Litres per day

Small, simple and easy to install. Well suited to boats with a medium to high water demand but with limited space available. It's modular design enables the LTM to fit pretty much anywhere on the boat! 

Typical Application: Commercial Vessels, Work Boats, Fishing Boats

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PW Left TN

PW - Pure Water Series

Production: 11,000 - 75,000  Litres per day

The Pure Water (PW) series is designed to operate continuously 24/7 and is built to withstand rugged applications with a large production of freshwater, it delivers superior performance and extended service life.

Typical Application: Offshore Rigs, Small Ships, Landbase Applications, 

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Sea Recovery Aqua Matic Dual Pass

Aqua Matic DP (Dual Pass)

Production: 6,814 - 12,870 (Fresh water) Litres per day / 5.300 - 10,978 (Ultra Pure water) Litres per day

Ultra-Pure & Clean Potable water maker system in a very compact, lightweight design. Fully automatic with true 'one touch' operation.

Typical Application: Super Yachts, Large Charter Yachts, Small Ships

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Aquamatic SL TN

Aqua Matic XL

Production: 8,328 - 12,870 Litres per day

High capacity system in a very compact, lightweight design. Fully automatic with true 'one touch' operation. NMEA 2000 compatible.

Typical Application: Super Yachts, Large Charter Yachts, Small Ships

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Coral Sea Vertical Angle TN

Coral Sea

Production: 10,599 - 25,741 Litres per day

Versatile Design. Vertically or Horizontally mounted to fit in tight install locations. User-friendly LCD touch screen display. Self adjusts to any feed water condition.

Typical Application: Offshore Rigs, Small Ships, Super Yachts, Mega Yachts, 

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LT Series TN

LT Series

Production: 11,356 - 26,497  Litres per day

Simple water maker package with a compact frame and small footprint. Allowing for a high capacity system which will fit in a tight space.

Typical Application: Workboats, Commercial Vessels, Small Ships, Commercial Fishing Vessels

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Tasman Angle Digital TN

Tasman Sea T-3

Production: 30,000 - 68,000 Litres per day

High capacity production with touch screen interface. Semi-Automatic to fully automatic configurations available.

Typical Application: Offshore Rigs, Ships, Landbase Applications, Industrial size requirement

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NorthSea-Angle TN

North Sea

Production: 45,280 - 199,500 Litres per day

Highest Production with rugged operation. One touch automatic start-up and shut down.

Typical Application: Offshore Rigs, Landbase Systems, Ships, Industrial size requirement

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Our Product Range



The super-efficient, diesel powered generator encased in a sound enveloping capsule began life in the late 1970's and is now Europe's leading manufacturer. Fischer Panda generators are renowned worldwide for their compact design and extremely low sound emissions. Where specific requirements such as noise, weight, size and reliability are of utmost importance, Fischer Panda generators are second to none.

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Village Marine LTM watermaker

Water Makers

HRO, Sea Recovery & VMT Water Makers, part of Parker Hannifin Group, have built a reputation for manufacturing the most reliable and intuitive systems in the world, providing a range that will suit every type of boater. Simplistic in their design, the standard systems are capable of producing between 145 - 317,000 gallons per day, so your supply of fresh water need never run out.

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Air Conditioning

The Dometic Group is a world-leading supplier of dedicated climate-control systems and equipment for leisure & commercial boats, as well as mobile vehicles. Dometic Group features Marine Air, Cruiseair systems and Condaria; the oldest names in the industry, which are guaranteed to keep you cool in the hottest climates around the world.

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100 kW electric motor (3)

Electric Propulsion

Fischer Panda UK offers an extensive range of electric motor arrangements from our chosen manufacturers, Fischer Panda & Bellmarine, which are designed to replace or provide alternatives to diesel engines in boats ranging from small launches & day boats to commercial craft. Our vast range covers inboards, outboards, pod motors and hybrid drives, ideal for new vessels or conversions. 

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7440 mliultra5500czonerv

Power Electronics

Mastervolt Power Electronics and CZone Digital Switching – part of the Advance Systems Group (ASG) - offer extremely reliable and innovative autonomous power and monitoring solutions for our key Marine, Specialist Vehicle and Military markets.

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