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Self-Contained Units


Powerful reverse cycle units that are incredibly compact, lightweight and reliable. Delivering dependable cooling solutions to keep you cool in the hottest climates around the world.

Also introducing the newly launched range of Dometic's 'Variable Capacity Technology'  low energy marine air conditioning - The Dometic Voyager TX. Once the on board temperature is reached, the compressor will run at reduced speed. This results in quieter operation and improved power performance compared to conventional start/stop units, as much as 40%! Also with features such as ECO mode ensure quieter night time operation. Check out the specs below and available for supply Q4 2023.





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'The simplest and most cost effective air conditioning solution available'

Standard web DTU

The most common type of air conditioning system found on boats of all sizes and the most economical. The unit is designed to be installed within the space to be conditioned and as its name suggests, all refrigeration circuitry is contained on the single chassis, the system is delivered charged and sealed by the factory. 

A single unit can cool one area or the outlet can be split to cool several areas making for a very cost effective solution.

Systems are operated by a choice of controllers with different bezel options and controllers give easy selection between cooling, heating and de-humidification modes.

Standard range 6,000Btu to 16,000Btu. Larger output units are available from ranges up to 30,000 BTU.


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Installation Gallery

See below some installation picutres of units and remote control panels.


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