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Fischer Panda are able to offer a wide variety of adjustments and modifications to their motors to make them suitable for your application, including complete development projects. Able to build motors from 3.5kW – 150kW for systems operating on voltages from 24VDC to 420VDC in both pod and shaft motor configurations, water or oil filled to enable the motors to be used at greater depths and therefore pressures Fischer Panda motors have been used on a variety of different applications.

All Fischer Pandas motors are designed and built to S1 or 24/7 work duty, this means you can use the rated output power without concern day after day, hour after hour.

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2021-03-02 Large Unmanned Propulsion System

Current project under development for un-manned Geo Survey type company.

2 x 150kW main propulsion thrusters

1 x 100kW bow thruster

4 x 100kW variable speed DC generators

The system will run from a nominal DC voltage of 420VDC, providing propulsion power and power to all the on board equipment for complete un-manned operation, able to undertake missions of many weeks at a time with the batteries being intermittently charged by the efficient variable speed DC generators.


dkk60bn1sna41 Rescue Submarine

 120VDC / 15kW / 550rpm Oil filled motors designed to work reliably at depth.

 As well as the main propulsion motors Fischer Panda also supply motors for the auxiliary propulsion and the HPU units.

Mayflower: 400 years apart Mayflower Project

 Fischer Panda were extremely pleased to design and develop a special twin motor system for the Mayflower project, 2 x 20kW/48VDC/600rpm motors working in   parallel as a master slave arrangement.

  640Nm of torque available from 48VDC drive system for a demanding project.

2 x 20kW 600rpm



Seal Carrier Covert Seal Carrier Project

 10kW/48VDC/1000rpm motors for underwater propulsion when in ‘stealth’ mode, the motors had to be reliable and quiet, both physically and electrically.

Seabubbles Seabubbles

 Fischer Panda modified their pod motor system to fit within the hydrofoils of this innovative river taxi of the future. Capable of cruising at 14 knots with top speeds of 18 knots.

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