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Power Systems for Integrated Vehicle Operations

Armoured tracked vehicles for command and control roles are becoming of increasing importance not only for mobility on rough terrain but also in operations where light armoured wheeled vehicles have proven to be very vulnerable. They form the first major communications link for troops in contact operations.

dc apcs

Multiple M577 APcs can quickly group together to form a mobile command post from which commanders and signals teams operate from.

More power with Panda AGT (Advanced Generator Technology)

Panda AGT power units (APU) are driven by water-cooled diesel engines and are designed to supply high quality DC power direct to the onboard power system allowing equipment to be powered independent of the vehicle's engine or any other external energy source. The batteries are charged automatically in a very short time which makes most economical use of fuel while maintaining full combat capability.

If there is absolutely no room for a sound insulation capsule,  the generator may be installed in a very tight equipment compartment inside the vehicle. The modular design makes it possible to distribute the generator's major components throughout the vehicle wherever space is available.
Generators for installation outside the vehicle are housed in an sound insulated capsule which reduces operating sounds to an absolute minimum and functions as an efficient heat insulator. This reduces infrared signatures to a very low level.

The generators make use of permanent magnetic technology and have the highest efficiency and reliability currently available. Fischer Panda AGT APUs are available in many different versions for military applications with water or air-cooled diesel engines and with or without sound insulation capsule.

dc apu fitted system

Panda DC Generator extends the operation capabilities of a battery-based system

PE-150 N series designed for M577 and M113 Command Post V

The PE-150 N series has been developed specially for upgrading the M577 and M113 Command Post variants with either attached or external radiators. The nominal voltage is 28 V DC and the unit is driven by a high quality water-cooled diesel engine. The speed is variable from 2.000 to 2.400 rpm according to the required power and the sound emission is only 55 dBA at a distance of 7 m which makes the generator completely inaudible beyond 20 metres. Generator fuel consumption is between 1 - 1.5 litres/hour and the generator charges the vehicle batteries automatically with very high efficiency. The electronic voltage controller regulates both the charging rate and voltage accurately according to the battery condition. Maximum charge rate is normally 360 Amps.




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