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Power for General Purpose Applications

Fischer Panda Generators are generally suited to a wide range of applications operating from towed, shelter-based, container, mobile and semi-static locations that are not connected to the local grid or managed by on-site power utilities. A range of installation and mounting options are available when weight and space restrictions are challenging.

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The generators are available in a wide range of voltage and frequencies for supplying continuous power for applications supplying lighting, air conditioning, heating devices, filtering and ventilation devices, air compressors and pumps for air circulation and flow and shelter pressurising systems, hydraulic pumps, power tools and battery charging.

Fischer Panda Generators can be found worldwide supplying power to mobile petrochemical laboratories, repair and maintenance units, intelligence and data analysis, mobile surgeries, field hospitals, fire fighting vehicles, coastal vessels, health centres, disaster control and emergency relief agencies.

The generators are fitted within a sound insulated capsule, this ensures that operators are not disturbed while working, even less than a metre from the generator and low signatures reduce the possibility of detection.

Extreme weather conditions such as heat and rain can take a high toll on material.  The water-cooled Fischer Panda Generator does not require hot and dusty air to keep cool while operating. This means a long and trouble free life for the equipment.




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