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Hybrid Power Solutions from Fischer Panda

Lower Environmental Impact Generator Technology

What is 'Hybrid Power'                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The term 'Hybrid Power' is currently in vogue, it might be new for some companies but we've been doing it for virtually 20 years, it all started with our DC battery charging generator system. The term 'Hybrid' simply means the combination of power produced by two or more means and the ability to store that power. In marine terms this generally means batteries as the storage device and a generator combined with renewable of some description usually solar or wind.

Hybrid Power System's can be based around either a conventional AC generator or the more energy efficient DC generator system. DC generator efficiency is achieved through no losses during the primary purpose of the generator - which is to charge the batteries. Running an AC generator to power a battery charger which then charges the batteries, results in extra layers of inefficiency. With the advances in power electronics, batteries and alternative renewable charging methods the Panda AGT DC generator is extremely desirable as it charges the batteries in the most efficient way possible with the least environmental impact.

If you are interested to know more about designing your own 'Hybrid System' please contact us. Please also see the tabs below which display schematic system examples that we've integrated many times!


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