Introducing the Clayton Power LPS II

Marine Mastery: LPS II - The Ultimate Lithium Power Solution for All Your Sea Adventures with Expert Support from Fischer Panda UK


The LPS II is great power solution for the marine environment. Be it leisure or commercial, the lithium power supply can be utilised to provide all the power you need at sea. Crucially, Fischer Panda UK have the expertise in this new innovative product. From design to delivery to support, our team are on hand to answer any questions.




Who is it for?

Marine fleets and end users can benefit from using an electric generator on board marine vessels in various ways, enhancing operational efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and improving overall comfort.

Run all your onboard electronics with the LPS II including your air conditioning and navigation systems with the luxury of having the engine or generator switched off.

We know the marine environment can prove punishing, however with the LPS you can be confident you’ll have the power to deliver results.

Benefits to the Marine industry

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Lower Operating Costs:

Fuel Savings: Electric generators, especially those using electricity from renewable sources such as solar panels, can offer cost savings in terms of fuel consumption compared to traditional marine petrol or diesel generators.

Reduced Maintenance: The LPS II is an electric generator which tends to have fewer moving parts, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Noise Reduction:

Electric is virtually silent, compared to conventional generators, which can improve the onboard experience for passengers and reduce noise pollution in marine environments.


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Enhanced Safety:

Reduced Fire Risk: Electric generators eliminate the need for flammable fuels onboard, reducing the risk of fires and fuel-related accidents.

Sustainable Operations:

Meeting Sustainability Goals: The use of electric generators aligns with the marine industry's efforts to meet sustainability and environmental responsibility goals.

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Compatibility with Hybrid and Hybrid-Electric Systems:

Electric generators can be part of hybrid propulsion systems, combining traditional engines with electric power. This hybrid approach can improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, especially during low-power or standby periods.


The LPS II is a simple lift in and out generator, meaning no matter where your vessels are in their life cycle, the unit can simply transfer from the old into the new. This provides a cost-effective solution to retrofitting and overall thru life costs.

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Long-Term Viability:

As the world moves toward greater electrification and renewable energy adoption, investing in electric generators positions the marine industry for long-term viability and competitiveness.

Integrated Power Systems Expertise

Fischer Panda UK provides custom-designed power systems that seamlessly integrate with existing fleet vehicles, allowing for smooth transitions to hybrid setups. Our deep understanding of both marine and vehicle power systems ensures that we can adapt to the specific technical needs of SME fleets, making the shift towards partial electrification both feasible and efficient.

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Your Ultimate Marine Power Solution


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