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In a situation where sound quality is of the utmost importance Fischer Panda generators offer the perfect solution.


This was the case with our client who runs the most high profile cycling racing team and had just purchased a new large luxury motor home to be used on the professional bike racing circuit, already installed on the vehicle was another generator brand but the owner couldn't live with the loud running noise of the installed set. The use of the vehicle in warmer climates meant the generator had to run at night to power the on board air conditioning systems, this was quite simply “not possible” in the clients words, the existing unit was a conventional fixed speed generator which when running for a large percentage of the time lightly loaded was extremely inefficient and very noisy, it was also using far more fuel than it needed to by running at a fixed speed when the power required was less than 50% of its capacity.


As power usage was periodic and maximum output from the generator was infrequently required the ideal solution was one of our variable speed i-Series generators. The variable speed technology regulates the engine speed to match the load demand, which results in a far quieter, smoother running generator and overall a much more efficient system. We calculated the power requirement and our solution was to supply and install the Panda 8000i PVMV-N. The removal of the existing system and installation of the new Panda system was completed in 5 days and we are pleased to say the client is now perfectly happy and sleeping well. Below are a few images of the new Panda 8000i PVMV-N finished installation.


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