The UK’s exclusive distributor for Autoclima air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, today warns the commercial vehicle industry on the importance of effective, low emission air-conditioning, refrigeration and mobile power systems, as temperatures soar across the country.

According to Fischer Panda UK, with highs of 40 degrees expected operators across commercial vehicle sectors can avoid issues providing the right systems are installed on vehicles and transport.

Losing battery power from maintaining high levels of refrigeration can be one such issue, which can result in mobility loss in the case of emergency response vehicles if batteries are run too low. It can also pose problems for goods carried by food, animal and pharmaceutical vehicles if temperatures are insufficiently maintained.

For others, the issue of over-heated cabins can also be serious causing fatigue and drowsiness and in some cases prove fatal. According to studies, many are involved in a disproportionately high number of sleep-related accidents with around 40 percent involving commercial drivers.

Ian Saunders, Fischer Panda UK’s Vehicle & Specialist Applications Sales Manager said, “While effective refrigeration and cooling systems are always necessary, it’s important to reinforce this message around periods of high temperatures. Weather patterns have changed and it’s vital that all transport vehicles including cabins, are kept cool during the day as well as at night and to ensure drivers get a reasonable sleep if needed.”

He added, “With 90 percent of our clients requesting hybrid mobile power and air-conditioning combined, not only are we able to satisfy market demands we are supporting the reduction of CO2 emissions and helping clients meet government targets to be ‘greener.’ We strongly encourage businesses to come forward for our support in this area.”

Fischer Panda became the UK exclusive distributor for Autoclima in May and supplies multi-purpose roof mounted air-conditioning to internal engine-driven and integrated power and HVAC system solutions. It supports simple spot cooling for problem areas and provides ways to accurately control the whole on-board environment, with system design to suit any vehicle application.

It also leads in the distribution of diesel generators, hybrid electric solutions and integrated mobile power solutions for specialist applications in the marine, military and broadcast industries.




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