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Firstly Fischer Panda UK wants to congratulate Fedor Konyukhov and the rest of the team who have been involved in breaking Steve Fossett's record... what a fantastic achievement! 

Konukhov beat Steve Fossett's record of circumnavigating the world by two days, making the 34,000km journey in just 11 days whilst battling Antarctic winds and temperatures down to -56C and flying at heights of up to 10,000 metres. He was hooked up to oxygen tanks for most of the trip and hardly slept.

For this project we were contacted by Cameron Balloons to supply a simple and reliable battery monitoring system and Mastervolt's BattMan with associated products were perfectly suited. Andy Skirrow from Cameron Balloons said "All electrical systems proved to be very reliable and the solar setup was so efficient we never used any of the back up Li Cells. The short build time meant suppliers like you were vital to successful delivery. Thank you for your assistance".

Great work to all involved!


If you'd like to discover more about the project see the below links:




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