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Ultro Clear & Ultro Clear Dockside


The UltroClear DF works with the RO system to convert sea water to double purified water. Its reliable piping connection allows direct feed that activates an automatic operation, and produces spot-free water when water is directly fed into the system. The UltroClear Dockside offers a fully portable solution. Ultra-pure water is 99% free of water solids. Perfect for rinsing hulls, windows, and extends the life of your boating equipment. It gently lifts debris and dries spot-free.

Quick Benefits

  • Simple, reliable and very easy to use
  • Highly efficient, fully automatic operation
  • Spot fee rinse



Production (Ultro Clear Standard)- Please refer to specification sheet for Dockside

Model Number Per 24 Hours - Gal / Lit Per Hour - Gal / Lit Weight
1200 GPD 1200 / 4,536 50 / 189 50 lbs / 23 kg
2400 GPD 2400 / 9,072 100 /378

55 lbs / 25 kg

Electrical (Ultro Clear Standard) - Please refer to specification sheet for Dockside

Electrical Voltage Hz Full Load Amps (FLA) Number of membranes
1200 GPD 230 50 3.3 1
2400 GPD 230 50 3.3 2




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