Panda 45i Installation on Asian Security Hovercraft

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Panda 45i Installation on Asian Security Hovercraft

 8th Aug 2014

Fischer Panda UK's i-Series generators are going from strength to strength! Here is one of our most recent installations of a Panda 45i mounted on the aft deck of a large security Hovercraft. The generator is a special dry exhaust version to overcome the lack of cooling water available when the hovercraft is in motion. The variable speed aspect of the set is vitally important as the craft can spend long periods when the electrical load being requested is well below the sets maximum output.



Our client came to us to supply a powerful enough solution for a 84' craft with a power demand of 45KVa.

The Panda 45i generator offers a large power output in such a compact and quiet capsule measuring only L1130 x W660 x H810 and a weight of just 495 kgs! 

The i-series generator can also very simply be connected in parallel to provide twice the power output with full auto start and load sharing capabilities, this development can greatly improve the efficiency of on-board power systems and allow for much better use of space and weight distribution. 

If you are currently working on or considering a high power requirement project and interested in discussing further then please call the office today 01202 820 840 or email


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