Parallel connection of fixed speed generators

Fischer Panda UK has announced that its fixed speed xSeries generators can now be connected in parallel, offering a quieter and more fuel-efficient solution for a variety of leisure and commercial applications.

Representing the latest evolution introduced by the generator specialist for its renowned range, the new development enables two constant speed Fischer Panda marine AC generators of different sizes and outputs to operate seamlessly together.

The two-genset system is possible due to the addition of an electrical cabinet containing a parallel module, which houses the connection of the generators’ power output cables and controls the synchronisation and switching.

The parallel power solution is ideal for vessels that need a larger generator to cover the main loads for normal running during the day at peak times, while also operating a smaller set for the evening or night-time when power demands are lower. Improving comfort onboard, the advantage of the second smaller generator results in reduced operating sound and fuel consumption.

Installing two connecting generators is also relevant for yacht owners who require a redundant power system, ensuring they can switch the power supply from one generator to the other without interrupting the system’s power supply during maintenance schedules. Commercial vessels can benefit from the parallel operation of two generators to form a backup power system, with one generator always available in reserve. The use of a single smaller generator may also reduce the use of load banks required to prevent light load operation on a larger unit.

It is generally easier to meet exhaust emission standards, such as those on inland waterways or in the USA, by using two generators with a lower output compared to one generator with a high performance.

Fischer Panda UK’s Sales and Marketing Director, Chris Fower, said: “For larger yachts and vessels that have traditionally been fitted with two or more over-sized independent generators, a parallel generator solution is a much more efficient and environmentally-friendly way to meet the fluctuating use of the generator system. For example, a superyacht could install a 20kVA generator and an 8kVA generator to cover full loads during the day and quiet night-time.

“The new parallel option using the very reliable and high performing Fischer Panda fixed speed models is the latest example of how the company is continually progressing the existing range to improve the user experience. The xSeries generators are particularly suitable for commercial applications, while leisure yacht owners may prefer to benefit from the advanced electronics of our variable speed generators for a very cost-effective and efficient parallel solution.”

The small, lightweight and quiet Fischer Panda xSeries are available with 3000rpm fixed speed from 6.8kVA to 30kVA. Larger output generators are available from the 1500rpm HD fixed speed range.

Fischer Panda already offers parallel connection with its variable speed iSeries generators, with sets supplied on request with parallel capability, ready to work seamlessly together and load share on demand with simple installation and no heavy-duty cabling. The variable speed solution is recommended for owners who require three generators to be connected in parallel.




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