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Fischer Panda UK are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Clayton Power to bring you their transformational range of LPS II battery generators

These compact lithium power supplies are a lightweight power alternative, providing you with the energy you need to get through the working day. Delivering 230 VAC and 12 VDC, they’re able to recharge all appliances and tools, including your mobile phone... even with a vehicle switched off.

Switching to the LPS II reduces carbon emissions as end users no longer burn fuel. Moreover, they allow you to realise huge cost savings.

You may already have an electric solution with multiple batteries linked to deliver power. That’s all well and good, however the added weight you are carrying around isn’t exactly fuel efficient.

By contrast, the LPS II weighs just 27.5 KG, meaning you can drop all your lead acid batteries and save - in some cases - over 100KG in excess baggage. You can also save on maintenance costs due to reduced idling time. This results in less wear and tear on your engine, meaning your vehicle spends more time on the road, as opposed to in the garage. Afterall, time is money.

Sounds good, but what if I run out of power during the day?

We know how important it is to enasure you complete every job on time. That’s why the Clayton Power LPS II range comes complete with flexible charging options.

Recharge your generator with solar, mains and from your alternator. Go from 0-80% in just 48 minutes with the 1000w super charger, meaning you arrive at your next job ready to go. For context, a traditional lead battery system could take up to four hours. That’s time you simply don’t have.

With the App you can also monitor your usage and see your charging history in real time. The LPS system even links with the web portal, where you can access information on your entire fleet, view reports on fuel savings and so much more besides.

The LPS II is by no means a glorified powerpack. Indeed, it’s capable of powering tools such as welders, hydraulic press machines and even vehicle cranes. This electric generator is a great solution to all your power problems. Better yet, with its built-in trip switch you can ensure the safety of all your appliances in the case of any power surges.

For full specifications on the entire range take a look at our product pages, where you’ll find all the numbers you need.

Fischer Panda UK are available to support you with your Clayton Power LPS. Our team will be able to assist with any technical questions or issues you may encounter.

We understand that switching to electric still represents a huge shift for some, which is why we’re on-hand to help with that transition.





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