Fischer Panda iSeries Generators installed on Baltic Superyachts!

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Fischer Panda iSeries Generators installed on Baltic Superyachts!

 3rd Aug 2017

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Two Fischer Panda generators - Panda 60i (48 kW) and Panda 25i (20 kW) – supply power for Baltic Yachts Superyacht's.

It is possible to combine the power from multiple iSeries generators with parallel inverters during peak periods. A single smaller generator can operate alone at night when typically only low loads are required. This reduces operation noise on board.

The Baltic 130 My Song was recently selected in Florence, Italy as the world’s finest yacht to win the World Superyacht Awards 2017 - best sailing yacht between 30m - 39.9m. Congratulations to everyone involved in the project.

Besides cruising, the Baltic 130 My Song was designed as a racing yacht; therefore the weight issue was very crucial. Baltic Yachts chose Fischer Panda generators as these units are particularly light in weight and compact in design.

Baltic Yachts, located in Finland, specialise in high-quality carbon fibre yachts custom-made to meet customers’ needs in design, performance and technical innovation. The company builds sailing and motor yachts up to 200ft.

Images with kind permission from Baltic Yachts:


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