Fischer Panda UK, a leading complete system specialist for both the marine and vehicle sectors, has set up urgent operations to answer NHS demand for critical equipment to tackle the COVID-19 crisis.

Contributing to the huge national effort from industry to rapidly supply a range of extra medical products and components to treat the influx of Coronavirus cases, the Verwood-based Fischer Panda team are working additional hours and offering substantial discounts to supply and fit Mastervolt inverters to power ventilators on NHS mini-buses and ambulances.

The initial project, which started during the last week of March, requires Fischer Panda UK to supply the London Ambulance Service with 57 dedicated inverter units for its Ambulance Transfer Vehicles to power onboard ventilators supplying air-flow to COVID-19 patients. More than 50 additional vehicles will also need the same power system supplied and fitted. With NHS authorities across the country facing unprecedented demand for equipment, Fischer Panda UK expects the vehicles to then be offered out across the UK.

Barry Fower, Managing Director, Fischer Panda UK, said: “We all appreciate the level of strain facing the NHS at the moment, so all the members of our team have put in a massive amount of effort to ensure urgent procurement and transfer. The initial 57 units were picked up directly from Mastervolt headquarters this week to be in London on the same day. Here at Fischer Panda, our engineering team are making up pre-assembled and tested electrical kits that will be supplied to the ‘fit-out’ team locally to install, while our Engineering Manager has been in London assessing the vehicles.”

The Fischer Panda UK units being supplied to the NHS vehicles are Mastervolt AC Master 12/1500 sine wave inverters, which convert 12 or 24V battery voltage into reliable 230V 50/60Hz or 120V 50/60Hz grid power.




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