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Fischer Panda UK, leading supplier of electric and hybrid drive systems for commercial vessels, has extended its drive system portfolio with the introduction of a new 100 kW electric motor.

Showcased for the first time at this year’s Seawork International, the powerful electric motor is an additional option for the Fischer Panda EasyBox high-voltage electric drive systems. The 100 kW model, featuring a high 796 Nm torque for good manoeuvrability and 1200 rpm, is available as a shaft version for internal installation.

The Fischer Panda EasyBox systems are designed for commercial vessels, such as taxi boats and small ferries, requiring drive redundancy. Installed in single or dual drive system, the 100 kW is ideal for larger vessels requiring a responsive auxiliary motor for manoeuvring in and out of harbour at lower speeds.

The 155kg 100 kW electric motor is highly efficient due to permanent magnet technology and operates quietly, with no gearbox. Water-cooled to cope in hot conditions, the motor is brushless for low maintenance and features aluminium housing for good thermal conductivity.

Chris Fower, Sales and Marketing Director, Fischer Panda UK, said: “We are really pleased to add the 100 kW version to our portfolio as it is the perfect option for many of our commercial customers who may be looking to install an electric drive to reap all the cost and efficiency benefits of these environmentally-friendly systems. We have the capability to develop the right system for virtually any craft from basic low-cost power drives charged via shore power only, through to full Hybrid systems linked to our compact and efficient generators that can quickly recharge the batteries quieter and faster than any other generator of comparable size and weight.”

Fischer Panda’s EasyBox electric drive systems are designed to be used as battery only systems or with the support of a DC generator as a 'range extender'.

Fischer Panda UK supplies electric and hybrid drive systems to both commercial and private boat builders and owners for newly built vessels or retro-fitting. It can offer drive systems in the range from 2 kW to 100 kW, available with voltages ranging from 24V to 360V depending on the power requirements.

Fischer Panda UK provides the whole product package, servicing and aftercare to commercial customers.




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