Fischer Panda is presenting its range of electric propulsion systems for rivers and canals, the light and compact Panda 4000s Neo and Panda 5000i Neo generators and its technically advanced AGT DC generators at this year’s Crick Boat Show.

Electric Drive Systems

Fischer Panda UK is the UK’s leading supplier of electric drive systems for a wide variety of vessels from ferries to canal boats.

In addition to its highly respected Whisperprop Drive Systems, Fischer Panda UK now introduces the Bellmarine electric drive systems designed in the Netherlands specifically for the marine market and their extensive inland waterway fleet. These competitively prices systems are now available in the UK, exclusively through Fischer Panda UK.

Silent running and up to 100% emission free, electric power can provide all the power and manoeuvrability needed for cruising. Batteries are charged through the on-board charger when connected to shore power. For more adventurous cruising where shore power is unavailable, the system can be supported by a compact Fischer Panda diesel generator to charge the batteries. The generator only needs to run when the batteries need charging and operating noise on board is barely audible.  The result is extremely low cost cruising which is environmentally advanced when compared to traditional petrol or diesel drive systems.

New Neo Generators

The Panda 4000s Neo and the Panda 5000i Neo are the latest additions to diesel generator expert Fischer Panda’s range of compact gensets.

The affordable and easy-to-install Neo generators are the first to use Fischer Panda’s in-house designed water-cooled FPE320 single cylinder diesel engine. They are ideal for owners of smaller vessels and canal boats with limited space who are looking for independence away from marinas or shore power.

Both generators provide 230V/50Hz AC output that ensures a reliable, clean power supply for running household domestic equipment, electric cooking and keeping batteries charged. Featuring the renowned Fischer Panda sound insulation, they run extremely quietly at a noise level of 54db(A) at a distance of 7m.

The Panda 4000s Neo is a fixed speed generator rated at 3.4 kW (4.25kVA), while the environmentally-friendly 5000i Neo is rated at 4.0 kW (5kVA) and is part of Fischer Panda’s variable speed iSeries ‘Perfect Power’ range.

Compact DC Generators

Fischer Panda's extremely efficient and exceptionally quiet running AGT DC generators are ideal for inland waterway craft when the main focus is keeping the batteries well charged in the most efficient method possible. The technically advanced generators are also a perfect support for the fast growing electric propulsion drives popular for canal and river boats, dramatically extending their cruising range. Over 130 of the Fischer Panda AGT generators have been supplied to the RNLI for use in various classes of lifeboat due to their reliability and efficiency.

The AGT generator is a quiet, diesel engine driven battery charger. The charge output from the generator is directly controlled by the engine speed, leading to exceptionally high efficiency. Auto start is built-in as standard which enables the battery condition to control when, and for how long, the generator runs, ensuring the engine is always correctly loaded.

The compact AGT 4000PMS weighs just 90kg and is capable of producing 3.2 kW at normal running speed with a noise level of just 54dbA. The AGT 5000PMS can provide 4 kW and is slightly heavier at 139kg, but with no increase in noise level. The standard range is available up to 25 kW, with larger sets available on request.

See below the Fischer Panda AGT 4000PMS DC generator and the Fischer Panda electric drive system.

AGT 4000 PMS Fischer Panda Kabel statt welle




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