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Aqua Matic DP (Dual-Pass)


The revolutionary Aqua Matic is engineered to be easier to use and more reliable than conventional watermakers. The Aqua Matic DP is specialised for demanding ultra-pure and clean portable water. The Aquamatic DP's new advanced full color touch screen controller allows complete automation with one touch and is easy to use.

Quick Benefits

  • Extremely quiet, smooth and with complete vibration isolation
  • Dual water maker solution combined into one system - Ultra-Pure (ideal for spot free wash down) & clean fresh potable drinking water
  • Failsafe Product Water Diversion Valve allows only safe drinking water into tanks
  • Most technologically advanced watermaker available on the market!
  • NMEA 2000 Compatible - View, monitor and communicate system through any other NMEA compatible display
  • Fully Automatic 'One Touch' operation and full colour touch screen
  • Compact and Lightweight watermaker
  • Contained or modular build types available
  • Automatic fresh water flush included - weekly automatic fresh water flushing programmable



Production (Please refer to specification sheet for 3400 GPD model)

Model Number Fresh Water Production Per 24 Hours - Gal / Lit Ultra Pure Water Production Per 24 Hours - Gal / Lit Weight
1800 GPD 1800 / 6,814 1400 / 5,300 413 lbs / 187 kg
2600 GPD 1800 / 6,814 2200 / 8,328 413 lbs / 187 kg

Electrical (Please refer to specification sheet for 3400 GPD model)

Electrical Voltage Hz Normal Running Amps Start Up Amps
1800 GPD 230 / 380 50/60 24 / 7.8 83 / 26
2600 GPD 230 / 380 50/60 19 / 8.1 (3Phase) 60 / 27 (3Phase)


Outfitting your Sea Recovery System with some of the options and accessories below will extend life to your watermaker and lower your maintenance costs.

Fresh Water Flush:
FWF-ShoppedExtends the life of the membranes by rinsing them with fresh water by merely a touch of a button. The Fresh Water Flush automatically removes all salt water from internal parts of the system and flushes the membranes with clean fresh water every 7 days. This prevents salt water corrosion of the internal parts and reduces biological fouling of the RO membrane.


Oil Water Separator: 
OWSCPF   The Oil/Water Separator Canister protects the reverse osmosis membranes from oily or polluted water sources.



Commercial Pre-Filter
OWSCPF   The Commercial size Pre-Filter Canister replaces the Standard Pre-Filters, providing longer intervals between necessary filter cleaning and replacement.


Remote Control Unit:
NewAQM-remote The user-friendly remote touch screen displays pictorial images of all operating conditions which can be viewed from any location on the boat.


Plankton Filter Assembly:
PLANKTONFILTERThe Plankton Filter Assembly traps suspended solids larger than 100 micron, thus providing additional protection for your Seafari system's pre-filters, which ultimately prolongs the pre-filter element life.


Charcoal Filter Assembly:
PHNEUTURALIZERCharcoal Filter Assembly removes chlorine, taste, odours, and chemical impurities from the product water. This process of purification works without chemicals and leaves no residual in the water supply.


pH Neutralising Filter:
PLANKTONFILTERThe pH Neutralising Filter provides pH neutralisation of the reverse osmosis system product water. It comes in various filter sizes to fit your needs.


U.V. Steriliser
UV sterilizerThe Ultraviolet Steriliser is the final process where 99.8% of all micro-organisms, such as reproducing bacteria and viruses, are sterilised. Ultraviolet replacement U.V. lamps are also available. Please specify voltage.

Soft Motor Start:
ezStart-withLabelThe new SRC Soft Motor Start (SMS) reduces start-up amps by 45%. This allows operation from smaller generators if required.


Multi-Media Filter:
MEDIAFILTERThe Multi-media traps suspended solids larger than 30 microns to provide additional protection for the system's pre-filters, which can greatly extend pre-filter element life.




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