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Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems 


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Vehicle Air Conditioning fall into two main categories, Rooftop Systems  or Under-Bench Systems.

Rooftop or Through-Roof Systems offer a space saving solution, they are relatively simple and quick to fit, quiet running and do not use to much power. They are also highly efficient and based on nature's own example: the rising warm air is drawn in and cooled down, while cool air sinks down naturally. 

Vehicles of any size can be air conditioned very successfully with roof top systems, the FreshJet range contains five models with outputs from 1000w/3400Btu/h to 2800w/9560Btu/h. All systems except the smallest also offer a heating output. The systems are generally AC mains (or generator) powered but do have DC power supply options.

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A more robust commercial system is also available called DuraSea, with a cooling output of 3517w/12000Btu/h when operating on 230v the system has optional heating and optional air purification. Built to withstand vibration and harsh environments the system is constructed internally mainly of stainless steel as it is also used extensively in the marine work boat market. 



Under-Bench Systems are compact and available in two sizes, they take very little room and weigh 20kgs or 25kgs. The cooling air is distributed through three outlets which can be piped to the desired location. The larger HB2500 unit can also operate in heating mode as well as cooling. The smaller Freshwell 2000 is suitable for vehicles up to 6m and has a cooling output of 1800w / 6100 Btu/h. The HD2500 is suitable for vehicles up to 8m and has a cooling output of 2500w / 8500 Btu/h with a heating output of 3000w in ambients of + 2°C and above. 

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